" A passion for waste ..."

Speaking   I enjoy speaking at conferences related to waste , design or environmental issues as well as lecturing in universities on ecodesign and social design and to enthusiastically share the result of my research and the way one could implement these solutions. My presentations are eye opening on the potential of waste in creating new articles. I like to show low tech’ solutions in the field of my social design presentations for I believe they are what the world needs at the moment.

Training   my passion is to give “hands on“ experience to conceive ecodesign articles in all kinds of refused materials produced in the nearby environment. Trainings can be for specialized students (fashion, architects, designers) or non specialized persons (ex: team building).

Consulting : I enjoy providing advices, solutions and directions to individuals and companies on to how to live and work toward zero waste.  Zero waste party ? a Zero waste conference ? a Zero waste AGM  ?  from the decoration, food dishes, catering- menu and creative up cycling of  the minimum waste produced on the spot .To know more see : My life towards zero waste 

Eco-designing my life is to free lance as “My creations are born in different cultural environment around the globe, with ”what is already there  and act as a “ social impulse “ to inspire communities in their choices for change: social, environmental and a greater awareness". 
I collaborate with crafts groups in India (Dastkar, Khamir) by designing with their own waste and creating best sellers products that will generate income on a long run.
I also offer my talent to companies such as Lavera , Bonduelle to re-design their waste/ obsolet materials into wearables or communication/marketing material or City mode , by upcycling their collection left overs into a new collection.
I specially enjoy revamping or decorating places with used material such as the Yoga hall and bungalows at the DUNE Eco village (Puducherry) and the A. Toepfer Garden House (Berlin).


Collaging : I produce collages composing work of art by pasting various exiting materials not normally associated with one another, such as magazins clippings  and all kinds of visuals, giving them new meanings. The most impressive is the huge Meta collage #1 art work from the COVID 19 quarantine.


Collaborating : It is a pleasure to collaborate with other artists such as choregrapher Marc Bogaerts , Indian contemporary artist Tejal Shah or performance artist Ellen Kobe to make costums in used materials for their performances.

Teaching : I am also a Montessori AMI trained guide for 6/12 years old. I love teaching art and ecodesign (Nepal, India, The Netherlands) in schools

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