2023. Revamping Anima Casa Rural , Guadalajara / MEXICO

 I have been invited to revamp a rural home in the vicinity of Guadalajara, in the middle of a permaculture garden to turn it into an artist residency. https://animacasarural.com

Benefit for Anima Casa Rural ?

. I have re used everything  at my disposal on the property.

. it was nearly a zero-budget project

. I gave new life to old furniture, with just a brush stroke, a collage or a bright colored fabric.

Benefit for me ?

I could put my skills of ‘re using into motion to serve a purpose and make a difference.

From an oldish looking chair to an attractive one

Remaking the entrance sign board with an old plank

Giving a modern touch to an old cupboard

Using the reeds growing in the  garden  +. an old lamp structure = a new  lamp shade

re using old cristal  vases and glass jars to make lamps

Old bed sheets turned into curtains

From a private living room to a studio for creativity

From a bare mezzanine to a cosy bedroom

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