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In 1998 I founded my company, ART D’ECO that has been developing and promoting the potential of re-using waste & unwanted materials in the field of design.
Our work philosophy and ethic is to develop the potential of recycling of waste and unwanted materials in the design industry and particularly in fashion design. Our company designs, creates and markets garments,  accessories and home accessories that are 100% recycled and made with respect to the environment and the people who make them.

In our E-shop we offer you a range of handmade and limited items

‪The making the Light Shoes/Ecoballerinas in Ukraine ‬

ARTE/ Yourope/ 2014: Upcycled Fashion : dress out of plastic bags and food wrap

Ecodesign, 100% re-used , made in Ukraine
 The Team
Local dressmakers and eco-designers Vitaly Dushka and Varia Karamushka have been part of the development of ART D’ECO since 2000. They are in charge of the production in their village in the Ukraine. They train and provide work for women who can choose to work at home (flexible working times for those caring for children and the elderly), or at the workshop. Unemployment is high in rural Ukraine, so this social project makes a difference to the lives of a few families.
The production « Zero waste concept »
All ART D’ECO creations show that it is possible to combine design and re-use without creating raw material, and generating more waste as a result of this process. While conceiving our articles, we adjust our sizes and shape to the material we are recycling; therefore we do not create any waste in our production process. We maximize our resources.

 Low tech’
At ART D’ECO, all we use are sewing machines, scissors, hands and love of our work. No other industrial transformation/process is used in our fabrication.
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