2012. Collaboration with Contemporary Artist Tejal Shah, Pune, India

Collaboration with Contemporary Artist Tejal Shah, for her video installation “ Between the waves” that will be displayed at dOCUMENTA in June 2012, Kassel, Germany.

Recycled Costums for Tejal Shah, a multi-disciplinary artist from India These photos show the making of the costums and accessories for the installation:

Ephemeral dresses made out of paper with Xeroxed animals, boots made out of old banners in flex (tarpauline) , helmets in used banners+ old beer bottles caps stitched on it, car inner tube cut out into horse hair, old basket and plastic flowers turned into a mask, my jumper made into a hat and decorated out into scales and stitched onto armbands… And all this made low tech’ with a pair of scissors and old Indian sewing machine

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