" The Freedom of Having Nothing..."

The Freedom of Having Nothing
Ecodesigner and Global Nomad
Katell Gélébart

First Draft Edit - an evolving life story

“I am a modern nomad and ecodesigner. All I own fits into four trunks. I have four bicycles: one in Amsterdam, one in India, one in Berlin, and one in Italy. All I need are a table and a sewing machine – a mobile workshop that moves as I move. Change, my yoga mat, and meditation are my constant companions.”

Katell Gélébart is a French woman from Bretagne, France’s wild north coast. Angry in her 20s, she turned to environmental activism and campaigning, hell-bent on changing the world. From her Paris university days she headed to nuclear-free Denmark and east European countries, marrying a Russian environmental campaigner at a mass nuclear plant demonstration.

Self-taught and passionate about reusing since childhood, she opened ART D’ECO, a tiny eco-fashion boutique in Amsterdam, learning the hard way.

Creating beauty from trash with communities around the world, Katell stays long enough to share their lives a little and inspire new ways of living lightly on the earth.

Many times she has thought about letting her dream go to live a nine-to-five life. But in 2012 she was stunned to learn she had won the presitigious European Kairos Prize, an award honouring creative visionaries and trailblazers.

Live presentation of the book ….

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