2014. Teaching at International Elementary schools

International School of Central Switzerland in Zug

Recently, I have been invited by international schools to run ecodesign workshops with children from age 3 to 15 years old. I just loved it ! Children ARE amazing... and so creative.

At the International School of Central Switzerland in Zug, the little ones made notepad out of used paper . The cover was used food packaging in cardboard: they just loved cutting out their favourite morning break first cornflakes box into a fitting cover. The challenge was perforating paper sheet properly to fit them into fastener. Elder students learn the art of weaving the used tetrapack they had brought from home to make I into placemats or a little handbag. Note the handle! Used car inner tube riveted by our Master Rivet! Thanks Steve!

American School of Paris, France

Twice, at the American School of Paris, France, one full week. After showing the Bag documentary to the students, we explored the potential of used plastic bags in making costumes (cheerleading show? End-of-the-year school show? there you are ! a zero waste activity!) and weaving tetrapack was also on the agenda. At the end of the week, children had to write a report; I was so touched by what one of the students had gained from the one week workshop.

Local school of Arenshoop, Germany

During my Artist Residency at Das Künstlerhaus Lukas in Arhenshoop, Germany, I received the visit of the local school for a half day workshop: Children have been delighted to create FUN TOYS out of food wrap and containers and making wallets out of used tetrapacks.

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