" Ecodesigner and modern nomad ..."


My passion is to show the potential of waste and how it can be transform into a design item. I am autodidact, ecodesigner and pluridisciplinary artist, founder of the ART D’ECO & DESIGN company in 1998, and have been developing and promoting the potential of re-using waste & unwanted materials in the field of design. I am a modern nomad and have been lecturing and teaching in many countries all around the world.

My mission is to empower  individuals, professionals, companies to change their views on waste and to impulse social change. I lecture in universities , I speak at conferences, I give workshops in elementary schools and I train people to make ecodesign articles. I also free lance for crafts organizations and companies in re designing with their wastes.

I have 20 years of experience on the ground in a variety of  countries of different cultures in India, Ukraine, Cameroun, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece and France.

Ted X: Trash is the Gold of tomorrow”
Award:  I am the recipient of KAIROS, the European Cultural Award by the A.Toepfer foundation in Germany to honor me “as a creative visionary revisiting what’s already there.”

Book :  Autobiography The Freedom of having nothing Ecodesigner and Modern Nomad ” is my inner and outer journey as a modern nomad sharing my research on ecodesign and conveying my vision of a life lived with consciousness and full awareness .
Book :  Biography  by C. Eichel "Die Mülldesignerin: Wie Katell Gélébart die Welt verändert" / Katell Gelebart, the trash-designer who is changing the world.

Exhibition: my work has been shown in many art galleries around the world and specially during the important solo retrospective show WAS DA IST at the MK&G (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe) in Hamburg, Germany.

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