2020 Meta collage / art work / COVID19 quarantine / Milan/Italy

Home alone for 70 days  between Feb and May 2020 in the lockdown of the Covid 19 crisis in hot spot  Milan, ecodesigner and collage artist Katell Gelebart  created a  gigantic collage, a Meta collage #1  (1 X 5 meter ).

Her way of being resilient is to keep on being creative with WHATEVER  she has in her environment:

‘I took out a box in which there were visuals collected for the last 25 years of my life, around the world in order to ‘one day’ make a large collage; this COVID-19 crisis is giving me this tremendous free time to dedicate to this project. It also comes as a completion of a certain time of my life before the lockdown’ says Gelebart

Making a  huge mural  (1m X 4 m) with all that has been printed BEFORE the world  invaded by the COVID 19-virus using printed matters such as old magazines, flyers, posters, newspapers, wrapping paper and shopping bags (as the base) , anything she can put her hands on in her apartment block to create new visuals, in an instinctive manner, by associations of forms or memories;  nothing logical neither made with a reason .

This period of restriction (in means and goods) is perfect to use our low tech’ skills. All she needs is the white glue which can be purchased at the supermarket

Meta …..


Meta - (Gr) self-referential., refers to itself -


Meta collage manifests itself as a form of resistance. resistance from technological obsessions, resistance from pragmatic professionalism.

It works on the verge  between utopia and heterotopia, realism and phenomenology.

Dealing with a multiplicity of visuals representations to form imaginary scenery, images, situations. It works with assemblage and juxtapositions to generate new designs.

Using collective visuals, giving them new meaning, or no meaning and juxtapositions to generate new designs



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