2023 Eco merchandising, Baja California Sur/ MEXICO

Eco merchandising for a  ranch's boutique

Sojourning at Ranch Carisuva in Baja California Sur, I was asked to develop eco merchandising to sale in the Ranch boutique Inspired by ‘what is around me in abundance ‘,

I developed merchandising re using the shell of the Pacific Oysters, driftwood and the beer bottles consumed by the ranch customers after the horse-riding activities.

Avoiding the ‘Made in China’ typical merchandising, the boutique has now products slow design, made with the abundant and natural material or waste in the surrounding.

Beer bottles become glasses

Oyster shell becomes delicate collages and communication tool for the Nature Conservation projects of the Ranch: Sea turtle rescue project, Donkey sanctuary and. Horses

Decorative wood :  Collages on Driftwood

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