2023. Artist in Residence in Oaxaca City /MEXICO


Dried reed stems have been used for millennia as thatching and construction material, in basketry, for arrows and pens, and in musical instruments . It is similar to bamboo.

Historically, Mexican indigenous  used common reed as a building material to construct a variety of items, including arrow shafts, musical instruments, mats and adobe houses.

Today, still, in the Valles Centrales de Oaxaca , river reeds, locally called CARRIZO  are use for a variety of projects such as hand woven basketry.


Who was this project for?

Invited by la Montaña Espacio Para Yoga, a place for  Yoga on the outskirt of Oaxaca City ...

For one month I worked exclusively with  the local carrizo, the river bed plants ; the all process…

Cutting down with a machete, clearing, cleaning, cutting into the proper size to make the roof of a terrace.


The long pieces : used for the roof, medium : for the kitchen curtain, and the very thin residual for the lamp shades.

The photos show one of the kind of thing I made but I did make more items


Benefits for the Montaña Espacio :  

We have used a resource that is abundant, grows fast , with little or no water, and in the local area. One could call it a ZERO KILOMETER DESIGN same as the concept: zero kilometer food.

The technique used is knotting , the most ancient craft that exist, that requires no technology or machinery, so this is a LOW TECH’ realization.

It has been a zero waste  process  as every part of the reed has been used: the ticker  part : for the terrasse, the thinner part for the lamp shades.

Benefit for me : I have learnt an entire new way of building, constructing home furnishing accessories that embodies  my philosophy.


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