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I’m an Environmental Engineering student that yesterday attended your class at Padua University. It was very interesting and illuminating.
Giacomo Pieretti, Master students in Environmental Engineering ,University of Padova , Nov. 2016

I wish to thank you for the very interesting seminar you presented yesterday ; The feedback from the students who attended it was very positive.
In my opinion, your effort to reuse waste for the creation of different kinds of products it is one of the few examples of what sustainability should be. I strongly believe that your approach and the work you do should be disseminated in order to improve the reuse of waste material and the quality of life of all the people living in the remote areas of the Earth.
I wish to congratulate again with you for the wonderful experience you were so kind to share with us.
Mario Malagoli, Professor on Plant Biology, Department of Agronomy Food Natural resources Animals and Environment, University of Padua, Nov 2016

Mrs. Gelebart came to teach an interdisciplinary workshop on Ecodesign with our students of the Master Program “. She demonstrated great enthusiasm and thoroughness in building a curriculum fitting to the demands of a one-week-course each time, and managed to adjust light-handedly to the specific means of the diverse range of our international students and the material we had at hand. Her eagerness to pass on her expertise was an obvious and contagious inspiration to us and our students to look at the world with more awareness. Her fresh approach, paired with skills and expertise leave the students with an open mind for new ways of being creative.
Beeke Bartelt, Program coordinator at DIA / Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Anhalt University in Dessau, Bauhaus. Sept. 2013.

Katell Gélébart’s work has not only an aesthetic but also an ethical dimension. As a modern nomad, Katell Gélébart has worldwide connections and engages with her collaborators with curiosity, respect, and empathy. She shows an understanding for local customs as a matter of course. Her sensitive approach to people and their (hi)stories creates a climate of trust and opens many doors for the artist. Katell Gélébart represents her opinions with conviction and passion but does not want to blame or sermonise. Her work constitutes a criticism of blind consumerism, of course, but far beyond that she is interested in the aesthetic potential of things other people would throw away. The KAIROS Award therefore honours Katell Gélébart as a creative visionary.
Ansgar Wimmer, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung , Hamburg, Feb 2012



I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Ms. Gélébart since 2012, (…)
Ms. Gélébart is a passionate creator in designing and manufacturing useful items for personal and home décor by re-using discarded materials. Her work and attitude brought us together for the purpose of offering a workshop to my 6th grade students at the American School of Paris in Saint-Cloud, France in the “art of ecodesign.” Together, we created a program that involved education through lecture and film that would inspire the students to create their own product using discarded materials.
(…) She worked to inform, educate, and inspire the students. She directed the students in the materials that could be useful and the students collected these materials from their own household waste. They then created products, under the guidance of Katell. (…) This program was as a success.

Ms. Gélébart has the advantage of bringing with her a wealth of knowledge about the world and the different people in it, an awareness and sensitivity to different cultures and nationalities, a knowledge of language, and a global perspective that is rare and beautiful
Karen Lovett, Teacher, Middle School Science and Health, American School of Paris, Nov. 2014


Many people were inspired and are now thinking about what they can do to carry on the fire you started!!
Steve Corbett, Teacher , International School of Central Switzerland , Oct. 2014


Dear Katell, as one of the organizers of the CRETE 2016 Hazardous and Industrial
Waste Conference I like to thank you for your presentation and
discussion you provided at this conference with about 400 delegates.
Your message to educate people and raise creativity by using art,
design and especially fashion has been well placed and you raised a
great interest within the audience.
I also want to acknowledge the fascinating and inspiring way how you
present your huge experiences, ideas and visions. You also show ways how
to approach the environmental problems.
Thank you again for your valuable stimulation contribution

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stegmann , Professor at Hamburg University of Technology , President of the International Waste Working Group, IWWG , Nov. 2016


Her broad knowledge in the area of ecodesign plus her experiences with collaborative craft-workshops in India led me to invite her to contribute as a consultant within the field-research for a building initiative by students and teachers of the Bachelor Program “Architektur” of Anhalt University Dessau, called “Nepali Project” which was taking place in Nepal .

On site she was a constant resource for our team and offered us a range of highly valuable information on innovative strategies and techniques. (…)
Despite the language barrier and the newness of the subject in the Nepali school, she brilliantly managed to be understood, and to give instructions on how to make designed upcycling articles. Although the classes were numerous and spontaneous demands came to additionally conduct art classes as well, she seemed at ease and equipped with an amazing capacity to improvise with whatever the material and circumstances.

Overall she left a great impression of integrity towards the matters of awareness in environmental re-thinking and a sensitivity in conveying these topics and new approaches to students and teachers.
Beeke Bartelt, Program coordinator at DIA / Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Anhalt University in Dessau, Bauhaus. Sept. 2013.

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