2021 Scrapbook / Lesbos / GREECE

How a German/Greeck dictionary, edition 1888 meets 2021 ………..

From a book  found in the ruins of Eressos village (Lesbos, Greece) , Gélébart , who came with her  stock of thousands of cut-outs  from Italy to realise large scale collages for a show in Milan ended up  using the book as  the departure of her work.

The book IS an exhibition in itself. A nomad exhibition , like the artist/author.

Each page  , such as a poem with the simplicity of a Japanese haiku has a surprise effect.

Sometimes  there are connected ideas, sometimes none.

Sometimes the connection is from one age to another.

The minute cut out works makes the doing a meditation.





The enhancing gold touch come from chocolates wraps

Turning the pages   is going from one promise to another promise.


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