2020 Land Art /Artist cooperation / Lesbos/ Greece

Land Art, Zichliota Beach , Lesbos Island           Collaboration with artist Matthias Wiegold

Create an art piece with WHATEVER there is on the beach was the challenge.

WOOD IN ALL ITS FORMS …step 1: collecting all the wood pieces, step 2: categories them step 3: show them as a collection lined up or packed

MAN MADE WOOD PIECE, BURNT WOOD, DRIFTED WOOD, RUSTED WOOD, PAINTED WOOD , BARK WOOD, INSECT PIERCED WOOD , ROOT WOOD , TWISTED WOODThis is what a Museum of Wood could be…While Matthias focused on NEO ARCHEOLOGY and used sheep skules&bones, metal pieces&plates, glass pieces and root wood from our findings, to create unique ASSEMBLAGE, like little Vanities, giving the whole installation a sense of poetry.

See more also on: https://www.matthiasweigold.de/english-under-construction/savings/


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