2013. Disposable and ecofriendly wedding dress  

During my work as an ecodesigner in India, I once had to up cycle some  used  fabric. I invented a new material call”paper/fabric” .  It is resistant and “sew-able” . For me, a wedding dress is  the summon of the disposable/ buy-and-throw  consumption society because it is worn only once.

So for the  “one-time-use-dress” I have used paper /fabric. It was specially made with left overs cotton fabric and old lace I removed from old clothes of mine.  The paper pulp is also made of textile rags, rejects of production.  This is the first disposable , ecofriendly wedding dress in  100% re-used material. It is currently exhibited at  :  hochZEITEN !  Castle of Belvedere, Postdam, Germany,

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