2008. Social Design Workshop, Ignaeda, Turkey

The Social Design Workshop was organized by TOG (Community Volunteer Foundation which counts 14000 volunteers in 72 universities all around Turkey ) named "Hamdım, Piştim, Oldum" . It aimed to support the use of local materials and manufacturing techniques after having questioned  the consumption society and solved a common problem through different ways of design. Only tents and  food were provided, the rest was  to be created by the participants. Using what was available around us :   Forest resources se such as branchs, wood, dead leaves (used as filling in cushions), high grass (woven into separation), household trash: cans, plastic bottles, bottle caps (became a shower mat), plastic bags (crochet work into a strong bag) flavor carry bags (turned into bean bags, cushions), used foam mattress (turned into cushions), old banner, wooden boxes. From the local scrap recycler: washing machine drums, cooking oil drum (became a stool), water heater (turned into a trash bin). In the first 4 days, we already build: shower, sitting area, a refuse station (with sorted waste), a toolbox, a swing and a covered area for the luggages.

Then we invited the local women  - who to our surprise and joy came with their children- to a workshop in which we made paper beads and necklaces, coin purse in tetra pack, poach in crocheted plastic bags, and some exploration into weaving plastic food packaging. the room was too small to welcome all the people who wanted to join: so needless to say that it was a big, big success.

All this work was low tech, ecodesign and very inspirational.  It was a lot of fun for everybody...... 

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