The Gym Slippers

The Gym SLIPPERS , 100% re-used material

Made with respect for the planet,   the GYM SLIPPERS is an affordable and low tech’ shoe. Its good for your feet and the planet.

They are made out of old t-shirts and jersey sweaters.They are hand crafted with love and each pair is unique. They keep your feet healthy, as they are fitted to the orthopedic shape of the feet. The sole in used car inner tube makes them flexible, very comfortable and light. No chemical or polluting process is involved in the fabrication. They can be used in the house or carried in your suitcase for travel since they can be folded easily. They can be washed in a washing machine.

They are especially comfortable for: yoga, Pilates, meditation and dance

WHY BUY ECODESIGN ? By buying eco-design items, you are promoting hand made products, Re-using, creativity, small-scale production and social work. YOU have an amazing fashion article, YOU have given rural people in the Ukraine work, and YOU promote design with awareness.

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